Try Not To Worry.

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Try Not To Worry. Empty Try Not To Worry.

Post  Dale on Sat Sep 26, 2009 4:32 am

Worrying does solve anything. Just like your father said, "Try and get your rest."

There is more than hope with in you. That is our mother. I believed she dealt with almost the same condition you have but over 20 years without treatment, until her ailment or condition had worsen. She was a fighter. And you are too. You are instructed to continue to live well. KJV Ecc Ch 9 v7 -v9. And to watch over your son and daughter so they become adults. This gave ma rejuvenation being around her grand children. Her secret was around youth to get the worries off her mind, I feel you have this advantage as well with your children. I am blessed, that I am here this day to say, I love you, cause even I, or any of us are not promised tomorrow. Continue to stay positive to help raise your future grand children.


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